• Nikotin Shot — BOOST Obvious Liquids 20mg PG50/VG50

    Бутылочка 10 мл

  • Fresh Booster 20mg 50/50 10ml – Nicofrost by Extrapure

    Nicotine and refresh your favorite thanks to NICOFROST. A fresh sensation that will revolutionize all your liquids and adapt them to hot weather!

  • Nikotin Shot – BOOST Obvious Liquids 20mg PG30/VG70

    Contains 20mg / ml of nicotine
    Contains 70% of Propylene Glycol and 30% of Vegetable Glycerin.
    This booster is intended to be diluted in a preparation with a PG / VG ratio of 70/30.

  • Booster Nicotine Salt E-Boost 50PG/50VG 20mg 10ml – Salt e-Vapor

    Made up of nicotine salts, the NicSalt-B booster from Chemnovatic allows you to boost liquids in large formats and prepare unique DIY! With its capacity of 10 ml and its rate of 20 mg, this nicotine salt booster is fast becoming the benchmark in the DIY world

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